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You will meet with a LAC or NDIS Planner to develop your NDIS Plan. It will contain information about you, your goals and the supports you need to achieve your goals.

In your NDIS Plan, it is very important to show a clear link between your goals and the Assistive Technology you need to achieve them.


How do I write my NDIS goals?

There are 2 types of goals:

Short term – What you would like to achieve in the next 12 months:

Eg. Walk by myself at school, Shower myself independently

Medium to Long term – What you would like to achieve over a number of years

Eg. Move into my own home, or get a job.

You should try to make your goals as specific as possible. What would you like to achieve? Why? When? How?


Are there any resources that can help me to write my goals?

The NDIS Planning Booklet – Booklet 2 is a useful tool.

Download the NDIS Planning Booklet

It will help you to think about your everyday life and what supports you use now.  It will also help you to think about what you might need in the future. It will help you to write your goals.

There are lots of other useful booklets and fact sheets on this web page.


What Assistive Technology might I need to achieve my goals?

When writing your goals, consider what AT you might need to help you achieve them. Your goals need to include the activities you will be able to access with the Assistive Technology you are asking for.

If you are requesting a bike, include the activities you will be able to access if you have a bike. This may be riding with friends and family in the park. It may be participating in school or community sports events.

A goal that just says that you want to “ride a bike” is not enough. The NDIS may not fund your bike because you don’t mention increased participation in the community or in social activities.

An example of a good goal might be:

My goal is to develop greater social networks and have greater inclusion in the community, through participating in activities such as cycling with friends and family. To achieve this goal I  need a Freedom Wheels bike.


My needs can be different, depending how I feel on the day. How do I cover these differences?

It is helpful to think about your worst day. What might you need to make life easier on that day?

For example, you may have more trouble walking when you are in pain. Make sure you include these in your list and discuss them with your planner.


Checklist for accessing Assistive Technology in your NDIS Plan

  1. Make a list of all your current equipment and Assistive Technology.
  2. Make a list of the equipment you need but don’t have.
  3. Write down how much it costs to maintain and service this equipment.
  4. Write down why your equipment is important and what your equipment will help you to achieve.
  5. Talk to your current therapist and ask them to write a letter to support your request for funding for equipment.
  6. Talk to your NDIS Planner about your equipment needs and costs, to ensure you have a budget in your plan for ‘Assistive Technology’.
  7. We will provide you with a quote and supporting letter to send to the NDIS when requesting funding for AT.


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