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Specialised and Complex Assistive Technology is always claimed through the Capital Supports Budget on your NDIS Plan.


How do I include Specialised and Complex (Level 3 & 4) Assistive Technology in my plan?

Each item must be listed (or stated) in the Capital Supports – Assistive Technology section of your NDIS plan.  It is also important that the item clearly supports the goals in your NDIS Plan.

If it is not listed, you will not be able to get it funded by the NDIS.


How can I make sure the Assistive Technology I need is listed in Capital Supports?

The more information you can take to your planning meeting the better. You should write down your goals before the meeting. You should also list the Assistive Technology you will need to achieve them.

Our Allied Health specialists can provide a report that explains why the AT is necessary for you to achieve your goals.

We will also provide a quote to take to your planning meeting so a budget can be included in your plan.

Note: Having this information is not a guarantee that the Assistive Technology will be included in your plan as this is up to the NDIA, but it will help!


Can I use the Capital Supports Assistive Technology budget for something else not stated in my plan?  

Once an item is stated in your plan, you cannot use the money allocated to that item for something else.  This is why it is important to state all items you may need in your plan that and the goals they relate to.


How many Specialised and Complex Assistive Technology items can I include in my plan? 

You can include as many items as you would like on your plan as long as they will directly support your goals.


What if my needs change?  

If your needs change and you require specialised or complex Assistive Technology that is not stated in your current plan you can request a plan review. In a plan review you can change and add items to your plan. You will need supporting documentation to do this.


What do I do once the Specialised and Complex Assistive Technology is in my plan?

Once the AT item is listed in your plan you can go to your chosen provider to supply you with the AT.

You will need to provide the NDIA with a funding application by a relevant practitioner. If it passes the “reasonable and necessary” test, the funding use will be approved.


If the Assistive Technology is stated in my plan will it definitely be approved?

Not always!

The NDIA will look at the application from your practitioner and the goals in your plan. If they find the AT to be reasonable and necessary for you to meet your stated goals, they should approve the funding.

This is why it is important that your goals are clear and specific.  For more information about what is considered reasonable and necessary go to:

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